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Understand How To Art An Lift Conversation That Has Leads Asking You To Tell Them More!

uae elevators  speeches have made millionaires out of many people. Your elevator speech tells clients and prospects why they should do business with you. It is just a short, rehearsed introduction used to construct your company

Your elevator speech is intertwined along with your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition. Imagine there's a person or prospect facing you at this time and you need their business. They've a question for you and it's "Why should I do business with you vs. every other option available to me, including doing nothing at all?" Your USP and elevator speech give customers an easy way to greatly help them remember you with a strong promise of a large benefit to them.

Are you currently having trouble thinking of some ideas? Feel the list below and start to create down answers and comments. Wear them index cards and post them on the wall like you'd if you're brainstorming. Be bold! Remember, you are telling prospects that which you do for them. You are grabbing their interest with a robust statement.


  • What pain or frustration can you solve for your web visitors?
  • What benefits do they gain from using the services of you and your company?
  • How are you going to impact their lives?
  • How are you going to make them feel emotionally?
  • Ask satisfied customers why they do business with you instead of your competition.
  • Complete this phrase: My clients are better off using me than my competition because...
  • My spouse, dog children loves me because... (remember, you need your elevator speech to arouse a psychological response and get the prospect to say tell me more).
  • Be passionate!


If you have clear answers that differentiate you from your competition, you have your USP. Why is an elevator speech a little different than the USP is that you are taking your USP and are condensing it down seriously to 15 to 30 seconds. You rehearse it until it rolls off your tongue with ease. Run it by your web visitors and friends for their feedback. Refine it and rehearse it. Videotape yourself and critique your performance. You are confident whenever you say it. You do not hesitate. You say the same thing each time. Put it on your company cards, invoices, envelopes and letterhead.


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