Construction Deals

7 Guilt Free Construction Tips

Computer Interviews

These construction interviews are accustomed to weed out top candidates from dozens or hundreds of candidates that could be applying professional damp proofing for a specific job opening. Computer interviews involve answering some multiple-choice questions which will pre-qualify candidates for a possible job interview and/or request resume submission.


Some interviews are handled through the telephone with push buttons, while others require accessing a site to complete the construction job interview with a computer keyboard and mouse. Computer interviews tend to be timed. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to go in being an alias to be able to get a sense of questions and timing before applying under your real name.

Video-Phone and Video-Conferencing

Video-conferencing systems provide the transfer of audio and video between remote sites. Over fifty percent of the greatest U.S. companies utilize video-conferencing as a way of convenient communication and instead to more costly face-to-face meetings. Basically anyone on earth is able to do video-conferencing with the use of a microphone, camera and compatible software. Video-conferencing is now available via the Internet. The continuous drop in cost helps it be a popular resource for construction businesses in addition to home use.

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