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Now if you are going to take the London damp proofing services and don't need a insured guarantee, you first must establish if you are coping with a natural damp proofing job i.e. your property is all above ground. A damp cellar or basement isn't a damp proofing job! Many DIY jobs fail when a person looks to take care of damp walls in a basement with simple injection cream, or perhaps a cavity drain membrane with no provision for drainage. The retaining jobs needs a professional approach with waterproofing diagnosis, design and installation fully guaranteed. You can find companies now which take on fully design liability for below ground waterproofing. If you can be sure you property doesn't have retaining aspects then your first step of DIY damp proofing would be to establish whether your property has a fruitful damp proof course. The damp proof course based upon this and design of construction must be visible 150mm above external walk out, it could be slate or HDPE and this does the job of protecting the property above the DPC from wall damp. A defective damp course or insufficient is where DIY damp proofing will then be used.

DIY Damp proofing - Can I actually do the damp proofing myself? The million dollar question! Many DIY enthusiasts are now actually "having a go" at damp proofing walls themselves with mixed results. With a wealth of information and products easy to get at and a trying economic climate, DIY damp proofing seems simple in principle nevertheless the mis-diagnosis of the reason for damp in structures and the wrong product for the site conditions can turn a relatively easy damp proof job into a persistent problem. Common building practice is to incorporate physical damp proof courses into the structure. That is easily achievable in new build construction but in existing properties the capacity to assess the effectiveness of a DPC must be carried out by damp specialists. Rising and penetrating dampness and the treatment is an experienced process and legitimate contractors could be sourced easily and will offer clients insured guarantees for curing dampness in structures. These guarantees are very important as time goes by and really are a requirement to possess should the client wish to offer on their property in the future.

OK - injection creams, fluids, paint on bitumen, cavity drain membranes. What do I personally use? Damp creams are very effective and could be simply applied. They are most effective in brick structures where in fact the cream once injected into the mortar joints can develop a coating to prevent dampness rising above that point. In random stone structures the cream or fluid approach is more hit and miss. How can you truly be sure that the product injected forms a 100% barrier. It's difficult to say. The membrane systems available on the market such as a dimpled meshed membrane which a primary finish could be applied is really a tried and tested technique. The dimples hold the membrane off the damp wall and allow for the wall to "breathe" giving a new dry surface for a finish such as for instance dot and dab plasterboard or render to be applied.

Still simple in principle, both techniques benefit from skilled experienced damp proofing specialists that are usually quicker and will offer the insured guarantee. The cavity drain membrane technique can equally work nicely in properties which are generally retaining and non-retaining so cellar damp proofing and waterproofing combined. Damp proofing cellars is easily accomplished by cavity drain techniques by the expert waterproofing contractor should by consulted not the DIY approach. So although simple in principle, damp proof coursing (physical insertion, injection or membrane application) shouldn't be taken on as an inexpensive quick fix as an unhealthy job can lead to significant future problems. Remember, a damp basement should be considered as structural waterproofing and therefore different products and different risks apply.

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